Gabriel Sullivan

the crucible

Here’s a tune to a string of seemingly bad luck . .. i guess I had good luck doing this in one take . .. whatever .. . “Bitter Luck”

Yeah . .. sometimes “Nothing Goes Right”

Felt the 60’s Teisco guitar in our studio calling to me today . .. was in bait of a rush anyways, so today is me sitting down and hitting record . … tried to get all the creeks n cracks i could out of the guitar . … added some rustling and bumbling for good measure … ..

twaaaang . .. here’s “Nothing To Hold”

Trying to force myself to practice taking things from my day that I’d ordinarily write off and turn them into songs with matter and purpose . .. on today I accidentally stepped on one of Melissa’s rings . .. and my big ass boot bent it damn near flat . .. I tried to fix it with some pliers and channel locks . .. it’s kind of back to the shape of a pyramid of sorts . … but it will take some heat and proper tools to properly fix it. . …

Wrote the song from that in about 20 minutes…. managed to write it without once performing it all the way through. I set up the mice and nailed it on the first take .… Love these songs that are only performed once. Brought out the accordion for the instrumental section as I realized it’s been a while since I played that thing.

Here’s “Broken Rings”

Listening to waaaaay too much Neil Youn with Crazy Horse this week … finding a new fuzz pedal and jamming with Rudy mixed with too much Crazy Horse . .. this is what you get . .. a bit of “Echoing”

A dark “Scratch” here on Sunday evening ….

"Breathing In" paint in the new house today is the truth . ..

A nice little number on my Mom’s birthday . .. “A Breeze” if you will.

Been listening to a lot of 70’s stuff lately . .. Kris Kristofferson, Harry Nilsen, Lee Hazelwood …. Loving the production of these recordings and the rich sound of the plate reverbs . .. This song came out pretty fast writing wise . .. would’ve liked to have done some more work on the production . .. more percussion … strings . .. but hey . .. You can’t fit all that shit in one day!

Here’s the “Spark Of You And Me”

The rain came down all night in our new Barrio Anita home . .. There is warnings of a hurricane and crazy flooding . .. haven’t seen it yet . .. all the preparation and talk of darkness and it’s looking like it will just fizzle out. Don’t know how that turned into today’s song or what today’s song is speaking on, but here it is . .. “It Seems” Tucson will remain somewhat dry . ..