Gabriel Sullivan

the crucible

That’s right! Today’s song is about my Clarendon upright piano . … I put in the key of C as that was what key all of my first piano songs were in. I think I like this little number . .. short n sweet. Here’s to you “My Sweet Clarendon”

Well . .. I guess I’m writing about my house now . .. here is “Indian Rug”

Wasn’t quite sure what to write about today . .. while having a coffee on my porch I realized I hadn’t yet recorded a song in the front yard of my new house . .. So, of course, I wrote about the shadows bouncin around on the wall!

"Shadows On An Orange Wall"

FUCK it was a hard day at the office! We are down one converter at the moment so I am only working with 8 inputs at the moment . .. typically the first 8 inputs are permanently dedicated to the drums . .. meaning I never have to worry about adjusting drum levels . .. Now I have to patch into one of the drum channels to record guitar, bass, vocals, anything …. and it is FUCKING ME UP!

Anyways . … I fought through it . .. and I think it ended up making for a pretty pissed off and trashy guitar sound.

Not sure what the hell this song is or is about . .. the chorus was the first thing I sang when I picked up the guitar today and I just went with it . .. feel free to write me and tell me what it’s about . .. cuz I sure as hell don’t know . ..


Time’s are always hard . .. if ya make em that way . .. You got to remember . . you’re “Not Meant To Fall Down” . .. got to keep getting back up!

This tune has no reverb . … this is just the sound of our room…. a bit sloppy . .. but whatever . .. time is of the essence.

A little riff that came to me on the drive home from plain the CSA weekly veggie gig! “Headin Home Thoughts” . ..

Playing so much catch up these days . .. lookin for the proper amount of time to spend on these songs but i’m “Not Quite There”

Watchin life “Come Around”

Oh man …. so much work the last two weeks . .. it is certainly “Time To Breath”

Seeing Billy Sedlmayr’s album that I produced come to “Fruition” tonight!