Gabriel Sullivan

the crucible

I feel disgusting and shameful being a “songwriter” or a “singer” or an “artist.” There is nothing special or redeeming about this. It is only an outlet to complain and satisfy my self righteousness. There are problems far greater than anything in my shiny little existence. People hurt and people drown in this world everyday. I should feel so blessed to worry about comin up with money to go out to the bars and worrying about what shows and tours I deserve to be on and what label really should be paying attention to me . .. I’ve known this . .. but I know it more today. I’m grateful for the song. I’m grateful for my hands to strum and my mouth to sing.

It is inevitable however that we all slip and think “why can’t I have what they have?” So here’s me slipping up n com in back around in the form of a song . .. “Why Can’t I?”

When you gotta write the song while driving, and you have no free time to add more than one verse, just “Let It Roll . ..

Don’t know where this one came from . .. The lyrics were sung on the spot and then doubled . .. if you listen close you can hear Winston’s dog Maggie jingling around . .. solo good to be back in the studio! Now .. . “Don’t Let Me Go Down”

Ahhh . .. I finally got more than 5 minutes to work on a song! Initially this came from the record breaking rainfall that came down in Tucson today . .. pretty wild… but at some point in meandered into a hard luck story . .. don’t they all? Well, “This Is What It’s Like”

Movin sure does suck up all your time . .. here’s a “New Home Tune” in a new home room …

Man . . sometimes there’s just too much … sometimes you just “Can’t Get Up”

"Ghost Still Ghost" on these dark days

Thinkin bout Cyril . … I think there will be a lot of songs for that man. It’s been so amazing seeing all his friends and family coming together for him . .. I hope he’s in some “Simple Times” now . ..

Not really feelin it today . .. So much changing . .. how does anyone ever keep up with this damned world. I suppose “In This We Are One” though.

A version of one of Cyril’s tunes … what a songwriter he was . ..”Taking The Gentle Kind” . ..